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At the Polycarbonate Store we offer our customers an unrivalled, fast, and accurate cut to size service on all of our Polycarbonate Sheet products. We use the latest technology in Beam Saw Cutting and Static Knife cutting machines to ensure that you receive an excellent high class finished product that is cut within tight tolerances.


All of our Polycarbonate Sheet products can also be machined by our CNC Router which is able to offer angled cuts and bespoke shapes or patterns if required.


Solid Polycarbonate Sheet is a very difficult product to cut using traditional home power tools due to the chemicals in the sheet which offer resistance to cutting using low power tools. All of our machines have specialised blades which are developed and manufactured for the specialised cutting of Polycarbonate Sheets.


The structured Polycarbonate Sheets also referred to as Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet or Twinwall Polycarbonate Sheet can be cut at home using traditional power tools, however great care and attention needs to be taken as the sheets can potentially produce swarf when cut and this swarf can then enter the channels of the sheet making it very difficult to clean them out. All of our Structured Polycarbonate Sheets are cut using a Static Cut Knife machine which uses a large blade and does not produce swarf when being cut.


All of our Polycarbonate sheets can be cut to your exact size and specification using our specialised cutting technology and all at a cost effective price.