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System Principles

A SUNPAL system is primarily defined by the panel thickness. All other components are selected to match this panel.


Polycarbonate Joiner

The joiners are made of polycarbonate or aluminum and fit all panel types. The choice between them is usually made according to the type of application - Polycarbonate Joiner for roofing (or any case where the seam is external); Aluminum Joiner ‘C’ for cladding (hidden seam).

Polycarbonate Joiner (Part 0200) is 22mm high and 39mm wide, made of extruded polycarbonate in a color matching to that of the panels. Its maximum length is 11,990mm and it weighs 160 gr/m. The Polycarbonate Joiner should overhang about 100mm beyond the last fastener.

End Cap for the Polycarbonate Joiner (Part 0300) is a clear acrylic cap designed to be plugged at the joiner edge. It prevents water and dirt penetration, helps to reinforce the joiner ends and provides styled appearance to the system edge.

Aluminum Joiner

Aluminum Joiner ‘C’ (Part 0400) is 39mm wide and 54mm high, anodized extruded aluminum. Maximum length is 6,000mm. The Aluminum Joiner should overhang about 250mm beyond the last fastener.

End Cap for Aluminum Joiner ‘C’ (Part 0500) is a mill-finish aluminum plate designed to close the Aluminum Joiner edge. This End Cap is fixed by inserting four screws into the joiner end face.

Note: for curved applications, polycarbonate joiners can be cold-curved. Aluminum joiners have to be pre-curved.



T-Fastener (08 series parts) - SUNPAL roofing system is attached to the supporting structure by the T-Fasteners. These are stainless steel concealed clips that are fixed onto the structure with screws. The fasteners have four different sizes to match each panel type. For installing SUNPAL system onto wooden structure, the T-Fasteners are fixed with Wood Screws. For metal structure, Metal Screws are used. As standard, each fastener is fixed with two screws. For high wind areas, using three screws per fastener is recommended.

T-Stopper (09 series parts) - To prevent “travelling” of the panels, it is recommended to fix one T-Stopper at a certain fixing point along each Joiner. This will be the only longitudinal fixed point, while all other fixings of this panel are floating, by regular T-Fasteners. It is a special T-Fastener with added stopper plate, which fits into a slit cut in the attached panels (prepared on spot).

Sealing & end cap Strips

Aluminum Sealing Strips

The Aluminum Sealing Strips are anodized aluminum profiles with four sizes that match each type of SUNPAL panel. Maximum length is 6000mm (Stock length). These are used as a closure for the panels end (usually the lower) to prevent penetration of dirt and moisture and provide efficient drainage. U-Profile is used for sealing the panel’s upper end, preventing penetration of moisture and dirt.

Polycarbonate U-Profiles (07 series parts) are made of polycarbonate and have two types to suite 8mm and 10mm panels. Their maximum length is 6m (Stock length).

Aluminum U-Profile (16 series parts) is an anodized aluminum profile, with two types of sizes to suit 18mm and 20mm panels. Their maximum length is 6000mm (Stock length).

Aluminum F-Profiles (11 series parts) are available in four sizes to match each panel type. These aluminum profiles are anodized and their maximum length is 6000mm (Stock length). The F-Profiles are generally used as side fixing detail, also applicable for an upperend closure.

Aluminum Span-Bar (On Special Order)

Aluminum Span-Bar

The Aluminum Span (10 series parts) Bar is a hollow aluminum bar that can be used as a rafter on a structure frame. It can be straight or curved (by pre-rolling), and designed to perform both as a rafter and a fastener (no T – Bar Fasteners required in Span-Bar applications). Span Bars are available in four sizes to match each panel type, and their maximum length is 6000mm.