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Refer to our storage advice.

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Are there different brand of Polycarbonate?

Yes, there are manly brands of polycarbonate, including Palsun, Lexan, makrolon. Our Standard brand we normally send would be palsun.

Do Polycarbonate sheets discolour?

All our Polycarboante Sheets have a 10-year guarantee against discolouration, so the product will not discolour. All our Acrylic Sheet are also UV stable.

Can I use polycarbonate behind my Hob in my Kitchen?

Yes, our clear polycarbonate can be used behind your hob. This product has a class 1 fire rating.

Can polycarbonate be polished on the edges?

No, polycarbonate isn’t a material that can be polished.

Can I cut this material myself?

Yes, this material can be cut using a jig-saw. Please take your time when cutting, we do offer an in house cutting and machining service If you would prefer us to cut it for you.

Can Polycarbonate be laser cut?

No, polycarbonate is not a material that can be laser cut do to its class 1 fire rating. It can however be cut on a CNC.

What is the fire rating of polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate has a class 1 fire rating.

Can I drill this material myself?

Yes, the solid and multiwall can both be drilled, please just take your time when doing so.

Can you cut the material to a specific design or shape?

Yes, we can, what you would need to do is provide us with a labelled diagram. We can then quote this for you.

Do I get any discount on my order?

The Site automatically give a discount if the order is over a set amount. However, if you would like further information please call our sales team on 0116 3090123.

Do prices online include VAT?

Yes, all our prices online are including VAT.

Do I have to order online?

No, you can order over the phone also if you don’t wish to order online.

Can I order samples of polycarbonate?

Yes, please email us your requirements to or call us on 0116 3090123.

Do you offer fitting instruction for my polycarbonate roof?

I’m afraid not, our trained sales team can help guide you with your requirements. We do also have an installation guide online showing what accessories go where.

What is the difference between solid and multiwall polycarbonate?

Solid polycarbonate is a clear sheet that looks like a panel of glass. Multiwall has flutings that run through the sheeting.

Will I be notified when my delivery is on its way?

Yes, we will email you once your order is dispatched with the tracking number for you.

What will happen if I’m not at home for my delivery?

Most of our couriers will always have your phone number to call you on, however if not they will always try with a neighbour or to leave the goods in a safe area.

Where can the polycarbonate store deliver to?

We deliver all over the UK, for any delivered outside of the UK i.e., Highlands and Islands ECT, its best to contact us for a quote.

How quick is delivery?

We offer a range of delivery options to suit all our customers requirements, our delivery options are as per below.

Economy (7-10 working days) £7.95

Economy Plus(5-7 Working Days) £9.95

Express Delivery(3-5 Working Days) £14.95

What are the delivery costs?

We offer a range of delivery options to suit all our customers requirements, our delivery options are as per below.

Economy (7-10 working days) £7.95

Economy Plus(5-7 Working Days) £9.95

Express Delivery(3-5 Working Days) £14.95

What couriers do you use for delivery?

We use a variation of couriers which include our own fleet of transport, dedicated couriers and mail service couriers which include Tuffnells, TNT, Uk Mail and Parcelforce.

Will I get a tracking number for my delivery?

Because we use a variety of couriers including our own transport, it is not always possible to get a tracking number. If you require delivery on a specific day or need to be notified please contact us once placing your order and our customer service team, will do the best to accommodate your requirements.

Is Solid Polycarbonate as clear as glass?

Yes our Palsun Solid Polycarbonate is as clear as glass and is half the weight making it an excellent alternative to Glass.

Is Solid Polycarbonate UV Protected?

Yes Palsun Polycarbonate Sheet has a 10 year guarantee against discolouration which means it will not go yellow over a period of time?

Is Palsun UV Protected on both sides?

Yes Palsun is UV protected on both sides of the sheet.

What is the fire rating for Solid Polycarbonate?

Solid Polycarbonate has a class 1 fire rating, which means it is self extinguishing.

Do the multiwall panel’s come pre-tapped?

Yes, all the multiwall/twinwall panels will have tape top and bottom for you.