Our services

At the Polycarbonate Store we offer a range of services on all our Polycarbonate Sheets ranging from Cutting, Shaping, Forming and Machining.



We offer a full cut to size service on all our Polycarbonate Sheet materials, our tolerances on Solid Polycarbonate is +/- 1mm and for Twinwall/Multiwall Polycarbonate the tolerance is +/- 3mm.

All our products online are cut to your exact measurements effectively making them ready for our customer’s final application.



We offer a full service for cutting our Polycarbonate Sheeting to our customer’s exact specification which includes any shapes of any size, so if you require any shape at all we can cut them on our CNC Machines or Polycut Knife Machines.



We offer a full in house CNC Cutting service on our full range of Polycarbonate Sheets, which means we can offer our customers CNC routing, rebating and shaping.



We specialise in the manufacture of Polycarbonate machine guards, all the machine guards we manufacture are produced to the customers’ specification so they are perfect for the final application.